Where to Buy This Book If You Live in the UK

You can get the book at most of the remaining high street stores (so go out and support them!), as well as all the usual online places such as Amazon, WHSmith, The Book Depository, Pick a Book and Waterstones. You can even buy it direct from the publishers here.

Where to Buy This Book If You Live in the USA

You can buy it from Amazon. Unfortunately, Barnes and Noble still seem to think I just write books on software. More fool them.

Where to Buy This Book If You Live Anywhere Else

Good question. I'm sure it will be in your local branch of Amazon.

Yes, But What About The Kindle Version?

Well, personally, I think the book is such an utterly beautiful artefact (it's got flaps, for heaven's sake!) that you'd be crazy not to want to own a real, physical copy. And deep down I think you agree with me, don't you? Yep. I thought so. However, if you really insist, this is where you need to go for the Kindle version if you live in the UK, and this is where to go if you live in the USA.

What to Do If You Want a Signed Copy

Easy. Select the right price for your region below, click on the button and Bob's your uncle. The signature is the special Morse code one, by the way, and if you ask very nicely I'll even write a message for you in dots and dashes.

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